Unyoked cabins on Exmoor

An ancient remedy for modern times

We used to be more calm. We used to be less stressed. We used to be closer to each other... we used to go to nature more often. Are those things related? We sure think so. Come stay with us and you might too.

What makes Unyoked different?

THE EXPERIENCE: That thing you think we're like? Forget it. It's not that. From where you park your car to how you make your coffee, Unyoked has intentionally crafted each single step of their experience to help you slow down, switch off and get in touch with nature (and its benefits) quickly, easily and effectively. There may be imitators, but there's only one Unyoked.

THE QUALITY: What sucks about booking things? The inconsistency. You never know what you're going to get. Unyoked is the opposite. They have spent the past five years laser-focused on building a world-class operating system and, as a result, they have a better customer experience score than Nike, Hilton, Apple and Airbnb. They focus on the little things so you can focus on nature.

Unyoked at Emmetts

HENRY: Sometimes you just need to go full hermit. To turn your back on modern life and feel that freedom of being away from it all. For those times, there's Henry. Tucked in the expansive wilds of Exmoor National Park and facing a vast and winding valley, you'll forget what a notification is out there.

BERT: Sometimes you just need to turn your back on civilisation for a while. To be away from man and closer to an earlier era. For those times, there's Bert. Resting on a small secluded ledge above a winding freshwater stream in the expansive wilderness of Exmoor National Park, it's just you and nature out there.

How to book

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UY Inside
UY Kitchen

Key facilities

  • Sleeps 2
  • Bedding
  • Towels
  • Plates
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Wood burner
  • Fire pit
  • Shower
  • Gas stove
  • Solar power
  • Composting loo